We’re passionate about healthy living and happiness into which it inevitably translates. This is why we give people easy access to our Real health and wellness products – it’s a fact of human nature that we find it easier to achieve our life goals when we improve our own health and wellbeing, as well as that of our loved ones. With this in mind, we dedicate ourselves to making healthy living accessible and affordable for everyone. Our energetic, youth-owned-and-operated business specialises in processing real, raw, fresh fruits and vegetables and manufacturing our Real Food range.

We also source only the highest quality ingredients – often organic and directly from emerging black farmers around our manufacturing site in KwaZulu-Natal. This ensures that the products are freshly processed, nutrients are optimised, and delicious, consistent flavour is maintained.


That’s why we’ve poured (pun intended) decades of experience and research into creating the perfect range of freshly made products that are both delicious and nutritious in every possible way. Plenty of love and dedication has gone into bringing you exceptional, healing juice and smoothie recipes that keep your body balanced and healthy.

The fast pace at which we now live, makes it incredibility difficult to eat balanced and nutritious meals as often as we should, a lifestyle that leads to Illness and disease. Our products make it easy for customers to incorporate their daily dose of nutrients in a quick, convenient and delicious way.

Our wish for you is abundant health and happiness because HEALTHY is the new WEALTHY!

Our Values


People who are able to heal themselves through what they eat, have a healthy body and mind and are more enlightened. These are real people who understand that health is true wealth, and they experience greater levels of consciousness.


We promote eating more plants because it’s not only nourishing for humans,

but also supports our planet. We also minimise our environmental footprint and maximise nutrient content by buying directly from farms.


As a social enterprise we give back to humanity and make a net positive contribution to this world. The more we give, the more we receive – the more we receive, the more we give.

Growth Orientation

We are constantly looking for more ways to give more people access to our Real products, to help them live healthily.

You are either growing or dying.” Phil Knight




Real people. Real planet. Real impact.


As a social enterprise we firmly believe that profits can be generated by doing good and solving society’s greatest problems. Our company is dedicated to re-investing its profits and expertise in the local supply chain.


Through the Happy Healthy Human Foundation, we contribute 5% of our profits towards providing nutrient-rich food and beverages to vulnerable and food-insecure communities – we also supply superfood purées to babies in need.


A further 3% of our profits is invested in our supplier development programmes, aimed at improving the quality of our Agri-BEE supply chain.


Using the Plant-Grow-Juice-Repeat principle, we return our pulp to our suppliers, which they then use for organic composting.



NutriVita specialises in the manufacture, online sale, wholesale, import and distribution of Real juices, foods, supplements and vegan-friendly plant-based products.



The Real product range includes:

  • Boosters and Tonics
  • Raw Juices and Cleansers
  • Smoothies and Bowls
  • DIY packs for Juices and Smoothies on-the-go
  • Salads and Soups
  • Plant-based Supplements
  • Superfood Coffees and Teas




  1. Hospitality sector  – cafés, bars, franchise restaurants


  1. Corporate companies that participate in Wellness@Work programmes


  1. The health-conscious public who can purchase our products online via the company’s website


  1. Our Get Social programme which provides nutrient-dense fruit and vegetable meals, drinks and purées, to vulnerable social beneficiaries and partners of the Happy Healthy Human Foundation


  1. Partnerships – co-beneficial partnerships with health-promoting influencers, gyms and network marketers




We’re a future-forward business.

We innovate constantly to find optimal ways to produce and distribute our Real products to more people – enabling not only healthy, thriving humans, but also a healthier planet.


What makes us unique?


We create and promote:


Real health

Our Real food products are made using all real and natural ingredients. These products are free of additives, preservatives, or added sugars, and are produced without using High Pressure Processing (HPP).

Environmental sustainability

We buy direct from farmers and return the pulp to them for organic composting. We follow a clean, quick, production principle of Plant – Grow – Juice/blend/make – Repeat.

Social impact and empowerment

We are a BEE Level 2 Youth-empowered social enterprise. We use our business as a force for good, playing our role in working towards the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals of Zero Hunger and Good Health and Wellbeing.